Family Law

In the first instance, we offer comprehensive advice on prenuptial agreements for married couples or civil partners, and on testamentary contracts. We negotiate and prepare tailor-made agreements to meet your specific needs.

If you are facing separation, divorce or dissolution of civil partnership with all related issues, such as maintenance claims, parental responsibility, residence of children, couple’s home, property issues ( i.e.the division of assets and liabilities after a separation), we provide the expertise and experience you need. 

In particularly distressing situations, e.g. interim measures concerning the allocation of the matrimonial home to one spouse, restraining orders under German anti-violence legislation, or disputes about visitation rights for the parent living apart from the children, we are here to help you.

Our approach is: “As amicably as possible, yet as tough as necessary.“

Following this approach, we will develop solutions for whatever issues you may face, step by step and in close consultation with you. Always taking into account your individual financial circumstances and needs, we will inform you on the cost of alternative ways to proceed with your case and on availability of, and eligibility for, public funding for legal advice and representation in court.

We help you to arrange appointments with notary publics or youth welfare services quickly and easily. And, if required, we can recommend institutions which provide non-legal assistance.

We are at your side when you need help and advice in matters of international family law (e.g. “divorzio” or “diazugio") and can communicate with you in your native language.

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