Alexander Seifert Lawyer

Lawyer // Certified Lawyer for Criminal Law 

Alexander Seifert studied law at the Universities of Nuremberg-Erlangen and Würzburg. He is married and he has two children. 

Even prior to his admission to the bar, and in addition to his legal traineeship, he gained valuable practical experience by working for the German-American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles/U.S., especially in the field of collection for German companies.

Alexander Seifert has been a member of the Bar since 1988 and has been working as a defense counsel for the law firm of Dr. Bader &  Partner since 1989.

In 1999, Alexander Seifert was appointed as Certified Lawyer for Criminal Law (Fachanwalt für Strafrecht) by the Nuremberg bar association.

Several times a year, he attends further professional training courses and seminars organised by the Task Force on Criminal Law of the German Lawyers Association and the German Lawyers Institute in the field of criminal law, with a focus on financial and white collar crime and on tax offenses. Moreover, he regularly holds lectures himself on legal topics.

Alexander Seifert acted as defence counsel in numerous major and spectacular trials all over Germany.

He can draw on extensive experience and expertise in all areas of penal law gained from years of specializing in criminal defence.

Financial and White Collar Crime / Tax Offences:

The focus of Alexander Seifert’s work is on financial and white collar crime and tax offences. He offers a wide range of services, from advising and counseling chief executive officers, board members or managers on strategic issues in the pre-investigation stage to defending his clients in court.

The cases he deals with include corruption, embezzlement, tax evasion, collusive tendering or withholding and embezzling of social security contributions. Moreover, Alexander Seifert has gained a nationwide reputation as experienced defence counsel in major environmental crime cases.

His foreign language skills have allowed him to work on a large number of cases at the international level, including negotiations with the U. S. Department of Justice, the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC and the World Bank. He often acts as a lawyer for clients before courts in Italy.

In addition, Alexander Seifert advises companies in detecting and correcting internal criminal conduct and in the development and implementation of compliance programs.







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Mobile  +49 172 822 44 24


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  • German Lawyers Association
  • Task Force on Criminal Law of the German Lawyers Association (DAV)
  • German-Italian Jurist's Association
  • Task Force on international Law
  • Middle Franconian Law Society
  • Rotary


  • "Manager Liability: Pitfalls for Managers in Times of Crisis"
  • "Short Selling, Bets against the Euro ... Criminal Risks of Gambling on the Stock Exchange"
  • "Entrepreneur or Embezzler? On the Freedom of Entrepreneurial Decisions"
  • "Tango Corrupti — What is happening in German Industry?"
  • "Substitution treatment between the poles of doctors' free choice of treatment options, insufficient financial resources and limits set by criminal law"
  • "Kachelmann, Strauss-Kahn ... Analysis and Consequences"
  • Criminal Liability of Medical Practicioners"
  • "The NSU Trial: An Interim Report"